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Pemachoeling Heritage Forest

Pemachoeling Heritage Forest is Located almost 30km away from Damphu town, the site has a ruin of a dzong, which according to locals is more than 200 years old. It is believed that the fortress belonged to a powerful local king (Raja) by the name Sang Sup Gyap. Tsirangtoe Central School and Geog Administration have established a heritage forest at the ruin dzong and Nye site at Tsirangtoe geog with fund support from Nature Conservation Division (NCD), Department of Forests and Park Services.

“The concept of Pemachoeling Heritage Forest is preserving the forest which is surrounding sites of ecological, spiritual, and religious significance and established in areas that can protect natural forests and rehabilitate degraded forest ecosystems around monasteries, religious and spiritual sites, national monuments, lakes, and critical watersheds. An area of 18.211 hectares (45 acres) comprised mostly of Pinus roxburghii, followed by Schima wallichii, Quercus griffithii, Quercus lanata, Lyonia ovelifolia, and others.

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