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Bhutan Tour By Destination, a Kingdom is made up of 20 districts known as Dzongkhags which literarily translates as regions or settlements around the Dzong. The Dzong was the epicenters around which the communities developed and flourished. Even to this day, these massive fortresses continue to play a major role in the functioning of administrative, legislative, and secular functioning of the state.

The annual Tshechu is an important social occasion for the Bhutanese and a big attraction for the numerous tourists who make it a point to visit Bhutan, especially during these festive events.

Welcome to  Drukyul – The Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon and happiness

Snuggled in the folds of the eastern Himalayas, the highest mountain ranges in the world, Bhutan is a country where Vajrayana Buddhism is a way of everyday life and the government measures development in terms of Gross National Happiness; where democracy was handed “top-down” from the Golden Throne.

Here, traditional values, environmental preservation, and good governance take precedence over economic development. The last Buddhist kingdom in the world, Bhutan is a pocket of calmness wedged between the two most populated countries in the world, India, and China.