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Bhutan Travel Information, Living a city life with daily routines leaves you tired most days that even your holidays begin to feel bland with no sensation of thrills and amusement. Hence Truly Bhutan harmoniously greets you with the thrilling opportunity to spend your holidays in the mystique and spiritual land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. You can not only refresh yourself in a luxurious resort featuring with spa and pool but also travel around the magnificent country, visiting the oldest monuments and exploring the trails traveled by historical legends of Bhutan.

In each part of Bhutan, you visit, the place and the people there will welcome you in their warm arms of pleasuring hospitality through inspiring sights, sacred lakes, pristine rivers of holy deities, stories and ruins of the most historic monuments, exotic treks leading to rip-roaring majestic sites and everlasting forests with endangered species of flora and fauna.

The hospitable Bhutanese people in a little city and countryside settlements will never fail to amuse you with their peculiar skills and living habits that provide you with the charming essence of rich and ancient but intact culture along with delightful traditional food and native fashion in Bhutan.

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However, it is only recently that Bhutan willingly opened its door to the world and welcomed the trend of tourism and travels in the country. Under the ancient monarchial government, Bhutan remained secluded from the modern world in order to preserve the culture and natural resources available in the country and furthermore protect its sovereignty as a small nation placed in between metropolitan countries like India and China.

Hence the then monarchical government monitored the number of vacationers that could travel to Bhutan, closely. But now under the wise decisions of parliamentary government and a constitutional monarchy, one can comfortably avail its a trip to Bhutan and can experience the reason and necessity to have kept itself aloof from the world for this long and in turn make it such an exotic destination to visit in present times.

Today, Bhutan has a worldwide reputation as a philatelic paradise. Vibrant colors and vivid images characterize Bhutan stamps

Bhutan is best known to the world today as the last Shangri La. The few visitors who make the rare journey into this extraordinary kingdom will discover that there is no other destination

Travel/Medical Insurance? The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan has initiated a travel and medical scheme solely for our visitors. Hence you must get detailed information

The Bhutan tour tariff set by the government is a mandate needed to ensure by all the tour operators. This tariff is to be served to all those individuals aspiring to travel to Bhutan.

Please note that there is no trekking equipment available in Bhutan; although we provide trekking equipment like Trekking Tents and cooking utensils

All visitors require a visa before traveling to Bhutan (except those from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, for whom the relevant processes and fees

Bhutan is a small country nestled in the eastern Himalayas. Alluded to as the last “Shangri la,” today it is one of global tourism’s hot sports not only under its traditional

The city of Phuntsholing in the southwest is situated approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport at Bagdogra. After crossing Phuntsholing, you take

(Indians don’t require a visa to enter Bhutan) Bhutan has a special diplomatic relationship with India, therefore, Indians with valid Passports or Voter ID (Election Card)

The National Butterfly of Bhutan is Papilionidae Bhutanitis Atkinson a Unique shape, with multiple tail processes, and two very bright red and black eye spots on the lower

Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan used mainly in the country’s western region. It is a Sino-Tibetan language that is the official

Items that are most frequently purchased by travelers to Bhutan include postage stamps, lovely hand-woven fabrics, carved masks, woven baskets, thangkha, wooden

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