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Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Visa Application Online

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The process of applying for a Bhutan visa is uncomplicated and easy to follow, getting you one step closer to your journey to Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa
Bhutan Visa

All guests planning to visit Bhutan are required to obtain a visa, with the exception of Indian visitors who are subjected to a separate set of procedures and fees, which will be further explained below.

As part of the visa application process, a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) of US$200 per day per adult must be paid, although reduced rates are applicable to children. Additional information regarding the SDF may be obtained through this reference.

A visa application fee of US$40 must also be paid, which is non-refundable and payable only once.

An online visa application form can be filled out to apply for a visa, or if one is traveling with Truly Bhutan or staying in a hotel in Bhutan, the visa application can be submitted on their behalf.

As long as the necessary information for each traveler is provided, a visa application can be submitted for oneself as well as for anyone else traveling together.

To submit an online visa application for Bhutan, several prerequisites must be met, including the possession of a valid passport in digital format, an up-to-date digital passport photo, along with the corresponding arrival and departure dates, proof of valid travel insurance, and accurate payment information.

There exist uncomplicated measures to pursue when submitting your visa application for Bhutan. These include acknowledging the Pledge of Friendship, pledging to safeguard, uphold and positively enhance the integrity of the kingdom. Afterward, establishing an account and entering your travel information, then completing payment for both your visa application and the SDF fee for your intended stay.

It is possible to halt and return to your application at any time, with its submission under review within five business days.

For inquiries or concerns, kindly direct them to our dedicated team, Truly Bhutan.

Bhutan Visa


Visitors hailing from India must secure a permit, which can be obtained prior to arrival or facilitated through our services if you are journeying with us or lodging in a Bhutanese hotel. There are no advance payments required for this service.

Alternatively, you may opt to obtain the permit upon arrival, but kindly note that an extended wait time may be incurred depending on the volume of applicants present. In the event that you decide to obtain the permit on arrival, a passport-sized photo is mandatory. Furthermore, please ensure that you have insurance coverage for the duration of your stay, which can either be arranged prior to your visit or upon arrival. Your SDF can be settled during the application of your permit, whether online or in-person.

Visitors originating from Bangladesh and the Maldives must apply for a visa, with procedures similar to those outlined for Indian nationals above: apply and pay the corresponding SDF online and arrange travel insurance before traveling or on-site upon arrival.

It is highly advisable to secure your permit or visa in advance.

Bhutan Visa FAQ's

To apply for a Bhutan visa, you will need a digital copy of a valid passport, a recent digital passport photo, arrival and departure dates, valid travel insurance for the duration of your travel, and payment details. You can apply online by completing an application form or have a Truly Bhutan apply on your behalf. The process includes signing the Pledge of Friendship, creating an account, adding travel information, and paying for the visa application and SDF fees. Your application will be reviewed within five working days.

Indian visitors require a permit, which can be obtained beforehand or upon arrival with no advance fees. Bangladeshi and Maldivian visitors need a visa, but the process and fees are the same as for Indian nationals. It is recommended to arrange the permit or visa before traveling.

Each guest category has specific requirements, such as letters from organization leaders, endorsement letters, and completed visa application forms. Photocopies of the visitor’s passport are also required for all categories.

To extend a visa, the concerned ministry or organization must write a letter addressed to the Deputy Chief of Protocol, specifying the genuine reasons for the extension. A copy of the initial visa issued by Immigration must also be included.

The SDF contributes to Bhutan’s economic, social, and cultural development. Indian guests pay Nu. 1,200 or the equivalent in INR per person per night, while guests from other countries pay $200 per person per night. Children between six and twelve years old receive a 50% discount, and those aged five and below are exempt.

Note: This SDF & Visa Fee does not include your overall tour cost or package cost.

SDF payments must be made in USD, either by wire transfer or credit card, during the visa or permit application process. Indian guests have the option of paying in INR. Guests eligible for a visa on arrival must also pay the applicable SDF in USD at the port of entry.

The required documents are:

  • Forwarding letter from the head of the Department addressed to Dy. Chief of Protocol.
  • Notesheet from the concern Ministry.
  • Filled up Visa application form (filled by the guests only).
  • Passport photocopy of the visitor.

Dependents, defined as the spouse and children of the expatriates, are allowed to join them in Bhutan for a period not exceeding the duration of their assignment.

Gratis visas are issued to officials carrying diplomatic, UN, or official passports. If there is a signed MoU specifying free charges, visiting guests will also be issued gratis visas.

Yes, the SDF will be refunded by the Department of Immigration for any cancelled or shortened trips, and any bank charges will be deducted from the amount that is refunded. A refund request of the SDF shall be submitted online using the immigration system. The refund will be processed only after the exit of the visitors from the Kingdom.

Visitors can travel to Bhutan by taking flights from Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bagdogra), Nepal (Kathmandu), Singapore (Changi) and Thailand (Bangkok). For now, there are two airlines that fly into Bhutan – Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. Private jets can also fly into Bhutan after getting the relevant approvals from the competent authorities. All visitors can also enter via land from Phuentsholing. Indian guests can enter Bhutan via other land entry points (Gelephu, Samdrup Jongkhar and Samtse).