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Karbandi Monastery

Perched at an elevation of 400mt, at a distance of 1km from Bhutan Gate is the Karbandi Monastery of Phuentsholing. Situated above the southern border town of Bhutan, Kharbandi Gompa was built in 1967 by the royal grandmother Ashi Phuntsho Choedron. Enclosed by the verdant valley with luxuriant coniferous trees, the monastery has been a favored tourist destination due to its scenic view, serene ambiance, and traditional legend.

The History & Legend of Karbandi Monastery

Overlooking the Phuentsholing town, Kharbandi Gompa with its vibrant color gleams atop the emerald green forest. The monasteries of Bhutan are known for their grandiose structure and the astounding legend related to the formation of the monastery. The architecture of the modern monastery Karbandi is awe-inspiring but there are no such legends interlinked with this monastery, though there is one legend, according to which, an Indian pilgrim visiting Kharbandi Gompa wished for being showered with the blessing of being a mother who came true.

After that miracle or coincidence, Monastery has been the pilgrim center for many barren couples. And for the other tourists who are not married, it offers a panoramic vista of Bhutan’s hills and Indian Plains. The main hall of the Karbandi Goenpa is adorned by the magnificent statues of the Bhutanese deities of Shakyamuni Buddha, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, and Guru Rinpoche.

Whether the tourists are visiting to wish for something or to relish the grand vista of the surrounding valley, Karbandi Goenpa is an idyllic place that emits an aura of serenity. If the tourists have some time to spare after they visit Karbandi Monastery they can further venture upon the routes around the monastery which lead towards the dense forest area, mesmerizing waterfall, and nearby Bhutanese hamlets.

Exploring the Surrounding Area of Karbandi Monastery

Take a stroll around the white-washed stupas flanked around the Karbandi Monastery while listening to the distant sound of chanting prayers. The serene ambiance with the breathtaking view makes the Karbandi Monastery worth a visit while traveling to Phuentsholing.

Best time to visit Karbandi monastery

  • Karbandi monastery can be visited throughout the year but from 7 am to 9 am, when the distant sound of monks chanting prayers, with the alluring aroma of incense filling the surroundings is considered the best time.
  • The monastery is open to anyone who wishes to visit, from 7 am to 6 pm.

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