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Bhutan Gate

Tourists while visiting the southern border town, Phuentsholing are greeted by the sight of the magnificent Bhutan Gate which marks the start of the Bhutanese region. The majestic Bhutan Gate with its fascinating style and unique dragon craving depict the influence of Bhutanese culture in modern architecture. It is also deemed as one of the most pictorial and photographed sites of Phuentsholing.

If visitors have a few minutes to spare they can even take a stroll around the backstreet market of Phuentsholing for some fresh authentic Bhutanese cuisine.

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Other Nearby Attractions

 Pagar Goemba was initially established in 1707 by Geshe Kuenga Gyeltshen. It is located about an hour’s walk uphill from Pagar village

Amo Chhu Crocodile breeding centre is located at a distance of 10 min from the bus terminal of Phuentsholing along the bank of river Amo Chuu

Bhutan, the scenically blessed kingdom has allured travelers from around the globe with its grandiose vista of mountainous valleys

Perched at an elevation of 400mt, at a distance of 1km from Bhutan Gate is the Karbandi Monastery of Phuentsholing.