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Elevation: 700m, 173ft

Location: Eastern part of the country

Area: 129 sq. km

Distance from Paro: 476.4 km (13 hr 16 min)

Population: 14,437

Lhuentse is 77 kilometers or a 3 hours drive from northward from Mongar. Lhuentse is a rather isolated place and an even smaller settlement. Those expecting to find a town after getting off the bus or their vehicle are startled to see just a strip of wooden shacks! The region was formerly known as kurtoe and served as the central base of the ruling monarchy of Bhutan.

The Lhuentse Dzong which is also known as Lhundrup Rinchentse Dzong lies at a high rocky edge with high slopes all around it. The Dzong is a 16th-century architecture that was renovated again in 1970. The Dzong observes a three-day Tsechu every December. The Tangmachu village, which is the rice bowl of the Lhuentse Dzongkhag, is located in the Eastern part of the Gewog.

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The story acknowledges that the name of the place “Dungkar” was derived from the physical shape of the land. The place has the exact shape

Women in other Gewog like Minjey, Menbi, and Tsenkher are too engaged in weaving Kishuthara. The essential basic material for the fiber

Perched on a hillock in Gangzur geog in Kurtoe, the Jangchubling Lhakhang was built in the 18th century by Pekar Jamtsho

The famed Singye Dzong, one of the most important sites of pilgrimage in Bhutan is three day uphill walk from Khoma Village

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This village is located about two hours walk from the Dzong. It is a pleasant journey taking you over gentle slopes amongst pine trees.

One of the few hotel options in remote dzongkhag is, the 6-room Phayul Resort near the town of Autsho (population less than 400) is a welcome place