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Gasa Dzong

The Gasa Dzong played as a shielding camp in the 17th century. We named it after the district’s protecting deity Tashi Thongmon as Tashi Thongmon Dzong. The fortresses are different with a circular build and three watch towers that are located at vital places.

The charm of the dzong is magnified during sunny days with the witness of the Mt Kang bum. Plan your trip intelligently during the annual autumn holiday.

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If you have an adventuresome soul, you shall choose a three nights trek to Laya, which is situated at an elevation of 3800m

Most remote in Gasa District, one could sense the knowledge of the Himalayan people living amongst the flow of ice in winter

Gasa is renowned for its many hot springs or Tsachu with great medicinal goods. The hot springs at the base of the Mochu river draws