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Dagala Ancient Trail

The Dagala Ancient Trail from Thimphu to Dagana was once an important highway in medieval Bhutan. Before the construction of motor roads in the early 1960s, it served as an important traditional highway between southern and western Bhutan.

Deities and monks, penlop and government officials, lamas and laities, cattle and herders, porters and horses, village traders and farmers, riling, and many wild animals earlier treaded this traditional zhunglam. The people of Dagana, in particular, used this road for purpose of government, business, and pastoral movements.

They also traveled this road to farm their summer land in Genyekha, and pay Revenues to the government. Even today, cattle herders, farmers, village businessmen, and tourists continue to tread the road. This 5 days trek is embedded in ruins and some old paved roads struggling against the wilderness only remind any traveler of a rich ancient history.

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