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We think the Best holidays have a balance of seeing new places and immersing yourself in them, as well as making time to recharge. All our visitors are given enough time to Explore Bhutan comfortably with all their worries taken care of! We assure you that Bhutan is a wonderful country to visit. The beauty of the culture and its people are something you would always cherish.

Truly Bhutan’s team is made up of a group of experienced tourism professionals who specialize in providing excellent hospitality and tourism services. Our team has a great level of enthusiasm for their work and this shines through in the quality of the programs we offer. Our team is constantly working on new ideas, developing fresh programming, and exploring new ways of creating unique experiences for you.

We’re committed to ensuring that you are happy and successful with our services.


Garab Dorji | President

Passionate in anything he does, Mr. Garab Dorji, 54, chose a vocation that only a few in Bhutan would embark upon back in 1994. Fresh out of college, he embraced his calling as a tour guide and for the next nearly 30 years combed every nook and cranny of Bhutan, taking his guests from the sweltering foothills in the south to the dizzying heights of the Himalayas.

Lobzang Dorji | Director of Partnerships

Mr. Lobzang Dorji is a Doctoral Research Fellow at Vilnius University, Lithuania. At present, he is nominated as a member of the World Council of Sinologists by the Secretariat of the World Council of Sinologists, Beijing Language and Cultural University.


Orests Visnevskis | Europe Travel Advisor

Mr. Orests Visnevskis is from Riga in Latvia and he is 42 years old. Very early, he developed a keen interest in exploring the world and its peoples, and that is how, one fine day in 2015, he arrived in the Land of Thunder Dragon (Bhutan) and instantly fell in love with scenic natural beauty and pristine surroundings.


Sheen M S | Asia Travel Advisor

Ms. Sheena M S is an Indian who is passionate about traveling and exploring the world, A graduate in Commerce, Interior Design, and Fine Arts she presently owns a designer boutique in her hometown in Kerala. Her areas of interest are traveling, fine arts, reading, and handicrafts, An avid lover of nature and she has been a frequent traveler to Bhutan since her first. Ms. Sheen organizes all the requirements on your tours and at times, she leads tours as a tour guide.

Sonam Jamtshok | Media & PR

Mr. Sonam Jamtsho is a young entrepreneur who has already proven his business aptitude and grit in taking up new challenges.  The 26-year-old has completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Sherubtse College, and since then, despite getting many job opportunities, he chose to start his own travel company which did very well until the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to pull down the shutters in early 2020. He is well versed in Bhutan tour operations.

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