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Damchoe Lhendrup

Damchoe Lhendrup | Culture & Trekking

An entertaining person and with obviously delightful personality, Damchoe Lhendrup is an experienced cultural tour guide, an awesome trekking guide and a bird watching specialist wherein he have worked with international tour operators and companies. With approximately 23 years of experience in the field of tourism, he now stands as a senior tour guide rendered by profound travel companies and agents. A man creating happiness in and around his surround, Damchoe is good at entertaining the guests and great in problem solving too. Born at the historic Lhuntse district, he completed his degree from Taktsi College of Language & Cultural Studies. Currently organizing bird watching trips and hiking, he serves as a freelance tour guide and an expert tour organizer. He is one of the main assets to Truly Bhutan and thus, has the highest compliment and every guest he guided is full contended.

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Tour Packages

Incorporate a Value-Added Option such as a cooking lesson or meditation session with a monk.

4 Day | 3 Nights

Marvel at the elaborate and ancient wall paintings and carvings in Dzongs and temples.

8 Days | 7 Nights

A Glimpse of Bhutan is an ideal way to experience the glory and the myth of this Himalayan Kingdom.

7 Days | 6 Nights

The tour allows you to peep into the detailed culture and lifestyle of Bhutan, which in itself is a unique

10 Days | 9 Nights