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Useful Bhutanese Language Guide

Dasho RJ | Useful Bhutanese Language Guide
Bhutanese people in conversation

The Basic National language of Bhutan

Dzongkha is the national language of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Being able to communicate, read, and write Dzongkha is a true identity marker for Bhutanese citizens. However, language acquisition is not easy for many people. This applies to learning Dzongkha as well. It takes a lot of practice and courage to master it.

  1. Kuzuzangpo-la – Hello
  2. Kadrinchhey-la – Thank You.
  3. Na gi tshen gachi mo? – What is your name?
  4. Nge gi ming ……..ein. – My name is …
  5. Chhoe gatey ley mo? – Where are you from?
  6. Chhoe Chhey bay sem ga Yi – It was nice meeting you.
  7. Log Jaygay mey – Goodbye (means meet again).
  8. Ani gachi mo? – What is this?
  9. Ani Gadem Chi Mo? – How much is this?
  10. Gong bom mey. – That’s too much.
  11. Aatshi phab nang. – Give me a discount.
  12. Nga nau mey – I am sick.
  13. Chhabsa gatey mo? — Where is the toilet?
  14. Mankhag gatey mo? –Where is the hospital?
  15. Chhu – Water.
  16. Chhu tshe – Hot water.
  17. Ngaa Ja – Milk Tea.
  18. Suja – Butter Tea.
  19. Chang – Alcohol.