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Attractions in Pemagatshel

Attractions in Pemagatshel:

  • Yongla Monastery
  • Pemagatshel Tsechu

87.65% of the entire territory is under jungle cover, comprising mainly coniferous and broadleaf species. The temperature of the Dzongkhag is hot and humid during the wet season and fairly cold during the dry season. Kamzhing dominates Land holdings with negligible wetlands. 

Divided into 11 gewogs, this Pemagatshel Dzongkhag has a populace of 25000 people from 4486 households. They seek spiritual and religious blessings from 122 Lhakhang; the most sacred being Yongla Gonpa, Kherigonpa, and Dungkar Lhakhang which too possess historical importance.

One of the most well known monasteries under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag in eastern Bhutan is the Yongla Riwo Pelbar Dargeychhoeling Gonpa

People from all over the district showed up to the district Dzong where the festival is held and all governmental offices remain closed