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Trogon Villa Lodge

Trogon Villa Lodge is a small and cozy eco-lodge that provides the comfort and luxury expected of a 3-star boutique hotel meant to cater to tourists. The lodge is aimed primarily at birdwatchers (and who already know what a trogon is). Each of the 12 spacious rooms sports avian names and a superb bird photo. The kitchen has an organic garden and there’s a cozy bar and restaurant in which to curl up with a checklist.

The birding is done around nearby Namling waterfall, Sengor and Thrumshingla. The best time for the birds is April and October to November

Some Key Facts:

  • Trogon Villa Lodge is located in the midst of what is considered one of the best birding location in not only Bhutan, The stretch of road from namling Brag to Limithang is a Birdwatchers’ Paradise.
  • The inspiration for the name of the eco-lodge comes from the rare Ward’s Trogon.
  • The Ward’s Trogon is an extremely elusive bird known to reside in temperate and subtropical forests across the Himalayas, Myanmar, and Vietnam. However, due to habitat loss and degradation, the Ward’s Trogon has been listed on the list of globally endangered birds.
  • Yongkala, the location of the eco-lodge, is one of the few places in the world where one can catch a glimpse of the Ward’s Trogon unperturbed in its natural habitat.
  • Yongkala, where Trogon Villa is located, lies in between Bumthang and Mongar. It is 142 kilometers away from Jakar and 56 kilometers away from the town of Mongar. Yongkala has long been recognized as one of the hotspots for birding in Asia. The eco-lodge provides a picturesque view of the beautiful rolling hills of Yongkala while being conveniently located next to the highway.
  • There are many reasons for choosing Yongkala as the location upon which Trogon Villa has been built. Aside from being one of the premier spots in the country for carrying out bird watching activities, the eco-lodge also offers a timely respite for tourists plying the long and arduous Bumthang to Mongar route.
  • Trogon Villa’s location amidst the fertile farmlands also guarantees a steady supply of fresh and organic vegetables from the farms of the local community, thus creating a synergy that will benefit both parties.

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