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Gelephu Tshachu

Gelephu Tshachu is a small and quaint hamlet that has caught the attention of many travelers with its medicinal hot water spring. It is located approximately 15km from Gelephu town and it is a hot spot for pilgrims and tourists. During winter native people as well as foreign travelers make their journey toward Gelephu to relish the goodness of the hot spring.

The contentedness of submerging your body into warm water on a typical winter day can be heavenly. The land of the thunder dragon has been well known for its mystical charm, quaint infrastructure, traditional legacy and legends, and also ancient healing techniques. From the time of my ancestors in Bhutan, the hot springs were known for their magical healing properties with the assurance of youthful appearance and attire.

 There are four well-like structures made to collect the hot water and it’s quite fascinating to see people soaking them in those round wells where they seem to appear like packed ramen noodles. Here visitors can also experience the wellness of Menchu, ancient Bhutanese Hot Stone Baths. Where the water in a large tub is heated by inundating red-hot stones in the bath. Recently, the officials have renovated the hot spring along with proper lodging facilities for the traveler. And it is said to be launched soon to provide better facilities for travelers.

During winter the green meadow surrounding Tshachu is dotted with tents and packs of families cooking meals on fire and sharing laughter

People have claimed that soaking themselves in hot springs has cleanly healed their joint pain, body acne, and sinus and also helped to retain glowing skin. Hence, Gelephu Tshachu is one of the rare places in Bhutan where tourists can relish the warm natural spring water with many healing properties. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the magical properties of the Tshachu, but soaking in the warm water with multiple other people and sharing immense laughter and less awkwardness can be a joyful experience.

Best time to visit Gelephu Tshachu
  • The Winter season from November to February is considered the best time to visit Gelephu Tshachu.

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