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Jakar Dzong

The ridge overlooking the quaint Choekar Valley of Bumthang homes the majestic Jakar Dzong. The name Jakar is derived from the word bjakhab, meaning “white bird”. Jakar Dzong is the nation’s largest dzong which was founded in 1549AD under the commandment of Lam Ngagi Wangchuk, who came to Bhutan to spread the Drukpa Kagyu teachings.

Its official name is Yuelay Namgyal Dzong, named in honor of the victory over the troops of Tibetan ruler Phuntsho Namgyal. The dzong was further renovated in the 16th century after the Zhabdrung had civilized the nation under his laws. While your visit to Jakar, you’ll get the magnificent sight of the white-washed wall of Jakar Dzong from the town itself.

The legend about jakar dzong holds the story that the lamas gathered in just about 1549 to choose a location for a monastery, a big white bird suddenly rose in the air and settled on a spur of a hill which was taken to imply a universal sign, and hence the hill was selected as the place for a monastery and Jakar Dzong. The elegant and gigantic structure of Jakar Dzong and the stone pathway through the luxuriant forest have fascinated many travelers.

 Beside the engulfing watch tower and large courtyard, there is a walled passageway from the dzong which leads the visitors down the hill to a refreshing spring. Dwell in the stony pathway surrounding the dzong lets the visitor feel the aesthetic essence of the ancient episodes along with the tranquil ambiance.

The esthetic and simple yet complex and captivating architecture of Jakar Dzong has made it a favored destination of Bumthang Valley. Hence jakar Dzong is a must-visit destination in your Bhutan Travel to appeal to your soul and experience the essence of Bhutanese ambiance.

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