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Bumthang Brewery

Right above the serene valley of Bumthang is the country’s first and only microbrewery that produces small amounts of beer, known as “Red Panda Beer” an unfiltered, preservative-free beverage. The elegant Bumthang Brewery along with the Swiss cheese shop was first established by a Swiss gentleman named Fritz Maurer. The brewery is not only famous for being the first and sole microbrewery but also unique because of its owner Frits Maurer.

Who was the first foreign gentleman to travel to Bhutan after being invited by the king? With his support, Bhutan could introduce brown Swiss cows into the country and gradually increase the production of milk. He became a legal citizen of Bhutan and even got married to a local of Bumthang valley. Later he set up his brewery and at present, it is being run by his son.

Seeing the whole process in Bumthang Brewery can be quite an interesting experience that would be worth the visit and cherish the moment. While you can also take unfiltered and preservative-free local beer bottles as souvenirs. Bumthang Brewery is indeed a luxuriant place with a lushes garden and cheese shop, unraveling the esthetic essence of Bumthang.

Bumthang Brewery Timing:

Apart from Sunday visitors can visit Bumthang Brewery any day of the week but they should keep the timing of the brewery in mind.

  • On Wednesday & Saturday, the brewery stays open from 8 am to 5 pm,
  • on Monday & Friday from 1:30 pm to 5 pm, and on Tuesday & Thursday 4-5 pm.

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Located on the lush green meadows along the bank of the river Chamkar is Kurjey Lhakhang of Bumthang Valley. It is approximately a distance of 5km

Jambay Lhakhang is located at a distance of 10 minutes from Chamkhar town on the way to Kurjey Lhakhang. It was originally constructed by the Tibetan King 

At an elevation of 3100 meters, just below thrumshingla resides the highest valley present in the Bumthang dzongkhag, the Ura valley.

Located at a distance of 30mins away from Chamkhar town of Bumthang is the quaint lake called Mebartsho. Mebar Tsho or the Burning Lake