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Aue Therchen | Technical Associate

Truly Bhutan, 11001 Thimphu, Bhutan | [email protected] | +97577111115

Mr. Aue Therchen is a young entrepreneur who is very enthusiastic about doing tourism business. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Kalimpong Government College, India. Apart from being one of the promoters of Truly Bhutan (a Travel Company), he has also been the Country Chapter head for The International Ecotourism Society since the beginning of 2019.

Since 2008, he has been guiding some prominent figures like the King of Tonga (2012), the Chief Justice of Canada, and other foreign dignitaries and affluent individuals. Other than tour guiding, he also has been operating tours since 2015 under the banner of Luxury Travels In Bhutan. He is also a lifetime member of the Guide Association of Bhutan.

Mr. Aue Therchen is a linguistic person. He can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, Chinese, and Spanish fluently but can write only in English, keeping aside Dzongkhag, which is his national language. Personally, he is a jovial man who loves reading, writing, and meeting people (making friends). He also takes a keen interest in photography and doing social work in his leisure time.

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Health-conscious people in urban Bhutan begin their day jogging for a few kilometers every day. Those inclined to the Divine begins their day with prayers. What one does in a day is also prescribed by social, economical, and other elements. There are several factors that dictate how one starts their day.


If there is a heaven, if there is one, would not be a piece of land spread over a beach with luxury displayed ostentatiously? It cannot be like a world created through human innovation by giants of Wall Street. It ought to be a place with Nature in its most original form; virgin peaks epitomizing beauty. And it has to be Bhutan.