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Our Affiliation

Our Affiliation
Department of Tourism

The tourism business in Bhutan is comparatively new, having been introduced only in 1974 at the time of the coronation of the fourth King. The industry totally administered by the government originally, in feedback to altering practical requirements was the first corporatist in 1983 and finally with the privatization initiative of the government, privatized towards the end of 1991.

The government lifted up the expediting and regulatory position with the establishment of the Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB). The Tourism Authority of Bhutan was restructured and renamed the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In 2008, comprehending the value of a multi-sectorial approach toward tourism expansion, it acknowledged the Department of Tourism’s autonomy under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and renamed the Department of Tourism.

Bhutan’s tourism sector is considered one of the most exclusionary vacation destinations in the realm. Now tourism is a vital business with a large potential for advancement and better expansion. The Royal Government of Bhutan adheres strongly to a policy of high value, low impact/volume tourism that serves the purpose of establishing an impression of exclusivity and high- yield for Bhutan.

Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB) is a non-profit, Mutual Benefit Organization established to empower and professionalize tour guides and the guiding profession in the country. The Association was founded on February 27, 2009, with the objectives of bringing all guides together under one roof to develop a sense of friendship, fellowship, and professionalism among them and render a common platform for guides to voice out their grievances and setbacks that undermine the image and shared interests of all guides.

Guide Association of Bhutan
Guide Association of Bhutan

GAB envisions the highest degree of professionalism amongst all guides so that they excel in their craft. Towards this endeavor, the Association has its Code of Conduct that all of its members must adhere to, besides conducting several pieces of training and workshops to hone and meliorate the quality of guides in the country.

The Association also maintains a database of all guides with relevant information about their contact addresses, educational background, and work experiences so that relevant information pertaining to the tourism industry and any other matters of interest to them could be timely disseminated accordingly and in what has been a major achievement for GAB since its inception, the Association became one of the first organizations to be officially registered with Bhutan’s newly established Civil Society Organization Authority in June 2010.

GAB Vision: A single collective voice of all guides and a key player in enhancing the professionalism of Bhutan’s tourism industry (We strive to establish ourselves as the foremost level body in Bhutan to represent all guides and work for professionalism and quality guides in the country.)

GAB Mission:

Enable guides to unite into one representative body that’s able to:


  • The common voice of all guides in Bhutan both at the national and international levels.


  • The shared interests of all guides,
  • The image of Bhutanese guides and guiding professionals,
  • The highest degree of professionalism and quality among all guides,
  • A sense of fellowship and friendship among guides,
  • Pride and respect amongst guides for Bhutan’s unique cultural, historical, and natural heritage.


  • Guides to enhance their guiding and professional skills
  • Guides with respect to their knowledge of the country’s history, culture, and other aspects of Bhutan
  • Guides by providing them with relevant information on the policies of the government, tourism industry, and any other matters of interest benefitting them.
  • The general public, tourists, and other stakeholders of the importance and value of professionally accredited tour guides in the country.
  • Guides on the principles of Gross National Happiness.

Drukair is the national airline of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It commenced services in 1983. Drukair operates International flights from Paro, Bhutan to Singapore, Bangkok, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Delhi, Bodhgaya, Kathmandu, and Dhaka. Drukair also operates internal flights from Paro to Bumthang, Gelephu, and Yonphula. 


Drukair leaves participated an essential part in reinforcing the Royal Government’s High-Value Low Impact tourism policy and promoting Bhutan as an exclusionary tourist destination by continually enhancing access and connectedness to Bhutan.

Drukair, as a National Airlines, shall; Provide safe and reliable air transport services, be competitive and meet the growing demands, and consistently meet customer expectations with excellence in service.

Established by a Royal Charter in May 1968, the Bank of Bhutan is the oldest in the state. It also functioned as the Central Bank of Bhutan till the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan was set up in 1982. Registered under the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2000, as a national sector commercial bank, it was the country’s entire banking institution until 1997.

Today, the Bank Of Bhutan has the reputation of being the grandest commercial bank in Bhutan, establishing its existence felt in every Dzongkhag, and Major Township through a system of 47 branch offices. With the enactment of the Core Banking Solution in 2009, it automated banking services. This determined the development of ATMs, Internet Banking, POS, and Mobile & Agency Banking Services as alternate channels to address banking functions.

Bank Of Bhutan
Bank Of Bhutan

Bank Of Bhutan provides an extensive variety of economic products and services, such as deposits, loans, trade, finance, and money market, and promotes the financial transactions of consumers. As an essential representative of VISA and MasterCard, its functions include obtaining and issuing Credit and Debit cards. It also provides e-payment for gateway services.

To increase customer assistance and to provide for the under-banked and unbanked population, the Bank Of Bhutan launched “Mobile & Agency Banking” services (mBOB) on May 15th, 2015, which enables customers needing a smartphone to approach the bank from anywhere. By weighting the Mobile Banking platform, the Bank Of Bhutan is also commencing Agency Banking, to reach its services to the rural unbanked population.

Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air Private Limited), Bhutan’s first independent airline entered into reality after the Tashi Group of Companies, outbid new joint venture companies and won the license to operate the airline service for both internal and foreign sectors.
The late Dasho Ugyen Dorji founded the Tashi Group of Companies in 1959 with the foresight to make out the Best Of Bhutan by adhering to His Majesty’s guidelines for development and advancement in the Kingdom.

They launched an initial international flight from Paro to Bangkok on 10th October 2013, accompanied by regularly scheduled trips to Kolkata on 16th December 2013. An Airbus A320 aircraft operates in

Bhutan Airlines
Bhutan Airlines

both these sectors with a seating capacity of 150 passengers.
Today Bhutan Airlines operates with two A319 aircraft with a seating capacity of 126 passengers which comprises 12 Business Class seats and 114 Economy seats and regular flights from Bangkok to Paro via Kolkata, India, and three flights a week to Delhi via Kathmandu.

Bhutan National Bank was established on July 25th, 1980 as Unit Trust of Bhutan (UTB) with introductory funding of Nu. 2.5 million by Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan. The trust functioned as a supplementary of RICB with the purpose set to impart saving habits among the public and to channel resources into profitable sectors.

On the 1st of January 1992, the royal government bestowed the trust with the position of an autonomous monetary institute.  In its initial year, the trust declared a profit of mere Nu. 9618,86. With the growing economy and only one bank in the kingdom in 1995, it converted the trust into a financial bank with help from the Asian Development Bank.

Most times, Bhutan National Bank Limited has been a pioneer in introducing modern services to improve processes and customer satisfaction. And with the support of national and consumers, we hope to turn into the choicest bank in the country and in the world.

Shakya Adventure & Incentive Pvt. Ltd. registered in the year 2012, is dedicated to providing meaningful travel experiences to all clients. With the vision of being the best tour operator offering quality in any service along with utmost comfort, They design every trip meticulously to ensure that every client has a great holiday experience. The team has an experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable company assisting every client to explore cultural authenticity, connect with local communities, feel rural-based eco-tourism, learn about flora, and fauna, and immerse in nature’s beauty. Team design programs that suit every individual need and our specialty are to offer tailor-made packages according to the client’s preference.

Shakya Adventure & Incentive Pvt. Ltd is a complete tour management company and our service also extends to all kinds of corporate incentive programs such as outdoor seminars, conferences, character & team-building experiences and activities including rafting, mountain biking, trekking, hiking, High-ropes, mountain/peak climbing, adventure training, cultural- rural activities, volunteering and so on.

Shakya Adventure & Incentive Pvt. Ltd offers all sorts of travel in Nepal, India, Bhutan & Tibet coupled with the objective of comfort, quality and safety infusing value and trust in our clients so that your experience becomes a fascinating memory and check all the boxes for yet another adventure, with our clients’ kith and kin in future.

Shakya Adventure & Incentives is licensed by the Department of Tourism and recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal. We are proud members of the Nepal Association of Tour Operators and the Trekking Agent Association of Nepal.

Nepal, as we know is a geographically gifted country with mountains, hills, and plains. Being so, it also has its challenges, as there is isolation in the remote living areas of most parts of the country and thus has poor access to employment, health, education, infrastructures, and other conveniences that others take easily for granted in their own daily lives. Also, the unstable political situation has been a hindrance to development. In such a state, Shakya Adventure & Incentives Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be associated with different local communities from the least developed areas of the country to help them through tourism in any aspect it could find.