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Wedding In Bhutan

In Bhutan, there lies a paradise for nuptial unions with your dearest.

The tranquil environs of Bhutan present a flawless wedding setting for a couple embarking on a new journey in their lives. The kingdom overflows with adoration and blissful emotions in its picturesque landscapes and celestial waterways. With your cherished ones by your side, this location transforms into an earthly heaven, brimming with excitement and adventure, to cherish every moment. The immaculate natural landmarks, seclusion from industrialization, captivating hikes, and trails through the untamed forest offer an enjoyable experience that fortifies the bond of togetherness and deepens your relationship.

Truly Bhutan embodies the globally renowned beauty of snow-capped mountains, freshwater lakes, meadows blanketed in wildflowers, an abundance of fauna and flora, thinly populated high-altitude villages, age-old structures, and tales of legends and legacy for a honeymoon in Bhutan. All these elements collectively render Bhutan as a Shangri-la, a serene and hospitable ambiance, ideal for a romantic escape for honeymooners.

Therefore, Truly Bhutan will arrange your wedding in Bhutan with the utmost comfort. Your accommodations will be at the finest resorts, visits to historic sites will be guided, and camping nights will be arranged at the most idyllic and romantic locations in the country.

Truly Bhutan will guarantee that you receive the best services at all times.

Bhutan offers a serene and tranquil environment with picturesque landscapes, celestial waterways, and untouched natural beauty. Its seclusion from industrialization, captivating hikes, and trails through the untamed forest provide an enjoyable and bonding experience for couples.

Truly Bhutan arranges weddings with accommodations at the finest resorts, guided visits to historic sites, and camping nights at idyllic and romantic locations. They closely collaborate with clients to craft packages tailored to their preferences and needs.

The ideal length for a Bhutan honeymoon and wedding package is no less than 6 days but can be extended to any number of days depending on the couple’s preferences.

A traditional Bhutanese wedding is not just a union of two individuals, but a hallowed bond that transcends the physical plane. The ceremony seeks divine blessings for the couple and fortifies their karmic connection. It also honors ancestral traditions and perpetuates Bhutan’s singular culture and values for future generations.

Key rituals and customs include matchmaking and astrology for compatibility, betrothal ceremony for the formal request of marriage, procession to the temple, blessings from a high-ranking Lama, exchange of vows and scarves, tying of the everlasting knot, and post-wedding celebrations featuring traditional Bhutanese music, dancing, and feasting.