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Mountain Biking in Bhutan: A Scenic Adventure Through Uncharted Terrains

Embark on an exhilarating journey with mountain biking in Bhutan, an emerging sport rapidly gaining traction among locals and tourists. The rugged topography of Bhutan’s western, central, and eastern regions offers a unique challenge, making mountain biking an increasingly popular activity. This form of travel fosters a close connection with the environment, a feeling rarely encountered in conventional vehicles.

As Bhutan modernizes its roadways, including a growing number of off-road paths, mountain biking is evolving into a distinctive and authentic way to explore the nation’s landscapes, culture, and environmental beauty. The routes range from smooth, paved roads to more adventurous dirt trails, all characterized by light traffic and intimate travel experiences. This is truly the “Road Less Travelled.”

Key Mountain Biking Trails in Bhutan

  • BBS Tower Loop: This off-road loop begins with a steep ascent to the BBS Television broadcasting tower’s base.
  • Buddha Point Trail: Ride or shuttle to Keunselphodrang Nature Park and embark on an unforgettable journey.
  • Po Chhu Trail: A scenic trail with the Po Chhu River as your constant companion.
  • Takin Trail: A downhill path, locally maintained, offering a broader trail with several man-made features.
  • Tharpaling Trail: Ideal for downhill enthusiasts, this trail starts with a shuttle to Tharpaling monastery and descends steeply.

Explore various regions such as Punakha, Thimphu City, and Gasa, each offering unique biking experiences and stunning vistas. Mountain biking in Bhutan is not just a sport; it’s a path to self-discovery amidst mesmerizing natural and cultural landscapes.

The trails accommodate various biking styles, suitable for MTB, hybrid, and road bikes, depending on your preference and skill level. These paths wind through quaint towns, villages, and rural areas, immersing you in Bhutan’s agrarian beauty and serene nature.

For those seeking a challenge, some routes include rigorous climbs, with one notable ascent extending over seven hours and reaching altitudes of over 3,400 meters. The effort is rewarded with breathtaking views and a unique sense of accomplishment.

Mountain biking tours in Bhutan are fully supported, with a follow van providing rest breaks for riders. The trails are described in detail, highlighting their physical characteristics, cultural significance, and the flora and fauna you might encounter. Whether it’s the panoramic views from the Thimphu-PangrizampaHongtsho Trail or the historical richness of Punakha, each trail offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Bhutan.

Mountain biking in Bhutan is more than a sport; it’s an art form, requiring skillful navigation through meandering roads and uncharted terrains. Join this adventure and experience Bhutan like never before.

Begin this off-road loop with a short but steep climb to the base of the BBS Television broadcasting tower.

Take a shuttle up to the trailhead or ride your bike up the road into Keunselphodrang Nature Park. From there enjoy 

This is another great trail with a flowing single track. The Po Chhu River stays on your right side the entire time

Focused on the downhill, this locally built and maintained trail is wider than most and has numerous optional man-made

This trail is a downhiller’s dream. After about a 30-minute shuttle to the top of Tharpaling monastery, followed by a steep