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Voyages on Two Wheels in Bhutan

The phenomenon of cycling expeditions in Bhutan is a recent one, yet it has rapidly gained popularity among both the residents and visitors of the land. The Truly Bhutan Travel company has offered a limited number of bicycle tours in Bhutan for the past decade, but in recent years, following a comprehensive survey, the firm made a substantial commitment to promoting mountain cycling to tourists visiting Bhutan.

The first step taken was to spark interest among the company’s staff, particularly its tour guides. The Truly Bhutan Travel company assisted its guides in acquiring their own bicycles and equipment and hired professionals to instruct them in bike maintenance and repair. The company constructed bike ramps outside its office as a demonstration of its long-term dedication to cycling.

Since then, the staff has taken advantage of their downtime to explore Bhutan on two wheels, traversing some trails where bikes were previously unexpected. All of us are thrilled and eager to establish a local cycling club to encourage others in the country to join us in making Bhutan a cycling-friendly destination.

The Truly Bhutan offers cycling tours for various skill levels, from leisurely rides focusing on less-traveled roads and country back roads to more challenging mountain cycling experiences, which can be customized based on the rider’s proficiency.

The company owns an array of the latest TREK & GIANT mountain bikes and gear, which are available for rent at a nominal fee. They also provide 4WD pickup vehicles for transporting bicycles, gear, and supplies as support vehicles for mountain cycling trips.

The optimal time for a bicycle tour in Bhutan is during spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November), when the weather is mild, skies are clear, and landscapes are vibrant, making it ideal for cycling.

Cyclists should pack essentials such as tube patches, multi-tool, spare brake pads, clothing items like rain jacket and gloves, nutrition items like electrolyte mix and energy bars, toiletries, electronic items like chargers and adapters, and miscellaneous items like a first-aid kit and personal medications.

Travelers should acclimate to the altitude, prepare for challenging terrain, respect local customs and culture, stay hydrated and nourished, and be mindful of their environmental impact while cycling through the country.