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Truly Bhutan provides Birdwatching In Bhutan. About 72 % of Bhutan’s landscape is covered with vegetation. Moreover, these rich, diverse forest reservoirs are home to many forms of life, one among the many is the avifauna that thrives and pulsates in merrier ways in this ecosystem. Unlike the other Himalayas nation, largely conservation efforts of this vegetation and religious belief in non-violence to an extent of looking upon it as a means of reverence and divine manifestation contribute to their growth.

For instance Raven & Black Neck Crane. No wonder, Bhutan is identified as one of the 10th biodiversity hotspots in the world for birdwatching tours in Bhutan. Also identified as the Centre of 221 endemic bird areas. As many as 770 species of varied avifauna are recorded and many more are yet to be discovered. This makes birding in Bhutan an exciting prospect.