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Elevation: 1437m, 4715ft

Location: Central part of the country

Area: 1807 sq. km

Distance from Paro: 206.9 km (5 hr 42 min)

Population: 19,960

It locates District in the southwestern part of Bhutan on the Wangdue-Gelephu highway.

Damphu is acclaimed for its mild hills and moderate temperatures. We also remark on the dzongkhag for its splendid biodiversity; however, it is one of the few dzongkhag without a protected zone. One of Bhutan’s longest rivers, the Punatsangchu or Sunkosh tributary flows through the region. It is the main region where the Lhotshampa  (Nepali-speaking Bhutanese) live. The prevalent dialect in the community is Nepali, spoken by the heterogeneous Lhotshampa. In the north of Damphu, they also speak Dzongkha.

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Popular Attractions in Tsirang

Located almost 30km away from Damphu town, the site has a ruin of a dzong, which according to locals is more than 200 years old

The park is surrounded by varieties of flowers & plants and has two huge concrete gazebos, – fountain, a Mani Dungkor An artificial Lake

Although Damphu has magnificent Dzong, Tsirang Namgyel Chholing Rabdey Dratsang is the avenue for rituals

Since the Hindu Buddhist practice and culture coexist in the Damphu region, in the center of the municipality there is a Buddhist Hindu temple

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Situated at a very prominent location, just above the Damphu – Wangdi National Highway situated about 2 km away from Damphu Town towards Thimphu.