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Attractions in Samtse

Attractions in Samtse bring you to share the people of Samtse into two major indigenous groups, the Lhotshampa, and the Doya or Lhop. Smaller groups of Bumthaps, Tshanglas, Ngalongs, Khengpas, and Kurtoeps have also been found populating the district in recent times.

Samtse is a religiously diverse region, and both Hinduism and Buddhism are widely followed in the dzongkhag.

Visitors will find temples belonging to both religions all over the beautifully forested region. The major festivals observed in the district include Losar (New Year), Thrue and Lomba by the Buddhists, and Diwali and Dussehra by the Hindus.

The Sidhok khorlo Chorten is dedicated to the 60th Birth Anniversary of the fourth Druk Gyalpo and for the peace, longevity and happiness 

Shivalaya Mandir is being reconstructed upon the Command of His Majesty the King as a grant from His Majesty to people of Samtse