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Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup Jongkhar

Elevation: 173 m, 568ft

Location: Eastern part of the country

Area: 1877.94 sq. km

Distance from Paro: 459.1 km (11 hr 14 mins)

Population: 9,325

SamdrupJongkhar is the gateway to Eastern Bhutan. It is located in the southeastern part and shares borders with the Indian state of Assam. It is the largest urban center in Eastern Bhutan. It lies at elevations ranging from 200m to 3,500m. In the earlier past, many British Political Officers stationed in Sikkim took the route from Samdrup Jongkhar to enter Bhutan. Historically it was administered by the Gyadrung stationed at Dewangiri. Today the road from Trashigang to SamdrupJongkhar, completed in the 1960s, enables the eastern half of the country to access and benefit from trade with the south as well as across the Indian border as in the past where it was the main trading center for the Bhutanese. SamdrupJongkhar is a convenient exit town for tourists who have arranged to visit the neighboring Indian state of Assam.

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Popular Attractions in Samdrup Jongkhar

Dzong is one of the newest built Dzongs in the country and it serves as the office for district administrators

Chökyi Gyatso Institute in Dewathang, Bhutan is unique. It was found as a small temple established by Dzongsar Khyentse

Mithun Breeding Farm, Arong, is situated on a pleasant hill at an elevation of 1400. It is 31 km from Samdrupjongkhar town

Spectators from region, decked out in their subtlest, gather to the courtyard of the Dzongkhag Rabdey to see the festival offer prayers and receive blessings