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Aja Nye

The story of Aja Nye marks back to about 830 AD (Wangchuk, 2004). It was that the Tibetan demon King, Khikha-rathoed (one with a dog’s mouth and a goat’s skull) was banished into a deserted thick jungle towards the South. Subsequently, upon finding out that the demon king was seeking to live at Aja valley, Guru Rinpoche pursued the demon through Tormi-jangsa, under Tashi Yangtse with the purpose of suppressing him.

Guru Rinpoche devoted more than three months in meditation within the Aja valley, sticking around for the appropriate time to suppress Khikha-rathoed. During this time, Guru Rinpoche concealed several religious sites and treasures within the valley.

Imprints of the letter Aa (ཨ) within the inner surfaces of a cave discovered beside the Aja Chu is considered to have been left behind by the great master. We regard it that a hundred Aa (ཨ) has been inscribed on the walls, according the place its name of Aa-ja, interpreting a hundred Aa (s). Now, a few of the imprints can still be viewed on the surfaces of the cave.

During the 14th century, Terton Ugyen Lingpa initially unlocked the religious site of Aja Nye, pursued by Terton Rigzin Goeki Dhemthrug.

Guru Rinpoche had foretold that Aja Nye would be come upon and deciphered by the ninth Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorji (1556-1603). However, in his place, the ninth Karmapa addressed his disciple Lama Karma Jamyang to unravel and acknowledge the religious site.

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