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Shazo in Minjey

Shazo in Minjey is one of the 13 traditional crafts (Zorig) of the country. The craft of making wooden bowls like dhapa and dza, called Shazo, is booming today in Trashiyangtse, unlike other traditional crafts.

Tashiyangtse is traditionally known for its dhapas. Shazops are skilled at making wooden bowls, cups, and containers from wood.

Ap Karma Wangchuk, 48, from Tongling, has been practicing Shazo for more than 25 years. He said Shazo production has increased over the years and more Shazops are also emerging every year.

Ap Karma Wangchuk said the establishment of more religious institutions over the years has also created a larger local market, as monks are required to use dhapas.  Civil servants above grade eight are also required to have a dza bowl each. Hotels are also buying dhapas and dzas to serve meals for tourists to present more authenticity & in the traditional way.

The Shazops say that they are selling more dhapas today and have increased production as a result. This is to meet both local and international demand.

The market for dhapas has also gone beyond the country’s borders. Growing health consciousness among some has also led to a preference for wooden utensils over imported ones.

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