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Kishuthara- Vibrant Colored Silk Kira, Women in other Gewog like Minjay, Menbi, and Tsenkher are too engaged in weaving Kishuthara. The essential basic material for the fiber is brocade, which is now accessible in retail markets. It is substantially valuable because of its enormous investment of time and strength for the weavers. The most extravagant Kishuthara takes approximately a year to complete owing to its intricate patterns and style. The cost varies with the complexity of the pattern, design, and the quality of the decorations being applied.

Kishuthara is regarded as one of the Bhutanese woman’s most sought choices and is worn in every significant joyous occasion like Tshechu and Wangs. It is likewise one of the alternative origins of revenue for some farmers during the cold period.
The price of a silk Kishuthara ranges from Nu 30,000 to Nu 60,000 depending on the material used and the intricacy of the pattern. Yarn
Among men’s dresses, the lungserma is the most expensive. Three pieces of lungserma (which make a gho) cost up to Nu: 180,000.

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