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Dungkar Naktshang

The story acknowledges that the name of the place “Dungkar Naktshang” was derived from the physical shape of the land. The place has the exact shape of a conch shell. Dungkar Choeje Lhakhang is considered to be placed on the steer of the Dungkar like the shape of the land. Dungkar village is the ancestral home township of our venerated monarch whereby Dungkar Choeje Lhakhang is the origin place of our “ Wangchuck Regime”. 

Today Lhakhang is held by Choeje Tobgay, the offspring of Dungkar Choeje,  Choeje Tobgay, and his clan reside on the 2nd floor of the Lhakhang.  Lhakhang houses many religious monuments and “Terma” revealed by great Terton such as Terton Pema Lingpa and glorious Saint Desi Tenzin Rabgay. With financial assistance from the government, the annual proprietor of the Lhakhang coordinates Gurdra on the 28th & 29th of the 2nd month of the Bhutanese calendar, Gemjatshar starting from the 30th day of the 10th month till the 4th day of the 11th month of the Bhutanese calendar and Dungkar Tsechu (Terchham) from 8th to 11th day of 11th month of Bhutanese calendar for the wellbeing and long life of our venerated kings and all the sentient beings.

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