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Traditional Bhutanese Painting

Bhutan is also well known for mural paintings & Traditional Bhutanese Painting. For example the cosmic Mandalas at the entrance of dzongs and temples. Legends of Buddha are normally represented on wall paintings. The banner paintings are shown only during important religious festivals and ceremonies. They show gods & goddesses in artistic & colorful combinations and are very imaginative.

Traditional Bhutanese Painting
ancient Bhutanese painting

Crafts are sold very expensively in Bhutan, specially woven fabrics. They are not made for selling to tourists. Many women, especially in central and eastern Bhutan, weave at home. They do not belong to any particular social group or corporation but are simple village women who use their spare time to weave clothes for their families and sell what is left over. Most craftsmen, except goldsmiths and painters, are peasants who produce craft products, particularly daily articles and fabrics during their free time.

Examples of renowned specialties from different regions are the silks from eastern Bhutan, woolen products from Bumthang, Bamboo wares from Kheng (central Bhutan), Brocade from Lhuentse, wooden crafts from Trashiyangtse (eastern Bhutan), gold & silver work from Thimphu and yak hair goods from the northern region of Lingzhi & Laya.