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Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan remains the least visited geographical region of the country. Mongar is the closest district of the homeland to Bumthang. It is a fascinating journey from Bumthang to Mongar, where one comes across the 3,800m Thrumshingla pass. Mongar is the second largest town in the eastern part of the country the settlements are located on a side of a hill, unlike the towns of Western Bhutan which are situated on the floor of a valley.

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Locals of Eastern Bhutan

Trashigang is the other district in the Eastern part of the nation, which is the largest district in the country. It is a 3.5-hour drive from Mongar and 547 km from Thimphu. There is a historical fortress, Trashigang Dzong that once played the most strategic role in preventing enemies to invade the Eastern part and now sits on top of a vertical hill above the Sherichu River. Another district is Trashi Yangtse which is a 3.5-hour drive from Trashigang. Its elevation is 1,830 m and Trashi Yangtse is an eastern home to the Black-Necked-Crane that migrates to Bhutan annually. It is. In this place, where the people of the Eastern part of the country celebrate the popular festival of the Chorten Kora.